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Pay It Forward (PIF) Financial is ready to help your business thrive. Tap into our established network of trusted industry leaders. Our years of experience will shield, protect, and guide every successful step of your journey.


Get your business’ best processing and working capital options.

Get Business Working Capital Options

Use PIF Financial to connect with the best possible financial options for your business. One simple application gets things started, or keeps them rolling forward.

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Enable More Sales

The right processing partner enables your business to accept payments from anywhere. Secure one-time sales or handle recurring payments. Online, or in-person, either with or without a card present.

Tailored Solutions

Your business is unique and deserves to be handled as such. PIF works hard to understand your issues and offer modular, affordable solutions to lift your efforts. Support each situation with our loaded toolbox.

Secure Working Capital

Find accessible financing for every stage of business development. Get the money your business needs to stabilize and grow. Avoid the hassles and delays of traditional financing and enjoy truly flexible options.

Process With a Purpose

A portion of every transaction processed with PIF is donated back to important community organizations. You simply handle business as usual, and we’ll make sure to donate a percentage of our own income on your behalf. It’s a win-win.

Fuel Your Business by Accepting Payments - Anytime, Anywhere

Mobile Payments

Open up a new world of e-commerce with streamlined mobile payment options. Process direct sales, membership fees, and more.

Online Payments

Bring your business to all parts of the globe. Online payments will create opportunities for stability, growth and expansion.

In-Person Payments

Allow your customers to purchase goods and services in your store or wherever you might meet-up with them.

A Single, Simple Application

We know you are busy, so you will not be bogged-down with our paperwork. We have a simple online application to empower your business. Take advantage of processing and funding options and offers from the nation’s leading and most-trusted providers.


Percentage of Businesses Needing a NEW Working Capital Solution

Get your business' best processing and working capital options. Guaranteed.

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